Winter Green

Winter is here and so is the Christmas month and people are filled with holiday cheer and winter days is only complete with cold breeze clubbed with cupcakes and warm coffee. Ain’t that true?
And with winter you get to smell hot chocolate coffee and get to eat snowball cupcakes.

Well, How are you all doing in this Christmas month? I am enjoying my favorite season with hot chocolate shakes and I hope you all are doing great.

As 2017 is going to end, I chose to go with the color of 2017, which is green. Greenery symbolizes new beginnings and green will continue to emerge, representing simplicity, growth, hopefulness and endurance. In my outfit I’m featuring the color of 2017 declared by PANTONE COLOR INSTITUTE.

I am wearing a Green sweater to feature the color SHADED SPRUCE (PANTONE 19-4524) This is a green you might see in the forest – sheltering and protective as evergreen trees.

Being a lazy girl, Jeans is everything to me but lately I am more into wide-legged pants and trousers cause they make you look more chic.

I chose to go with my floral printed heels with my fishnet stockings. Fishnet stockings are all over the internet and I am obsessed with fishnets. They add edge to any outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear your fishnet with your pretty shoes. You will look lovely cause they go with every possible outfit. Be it jeans, skirt or even a dress.

This post is dedicated to office-goers who wants keep it minimal yet wants to add a bit of chicness

.So don’t be in a dilemma anymore about what to wear in your work space.

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Outfit details:
Green sweater:Max Fashion
Trouser: Max Fashion
Floral heels: Bata

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