Transparency and Embroidery – Two Biggest Trends In 2018

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The Title of my post sums up it all. Yes, Today I am going to talk about Embroidery fashion and how transparent fabrics are taking the fashion world. Sheer fabrics with heavy embroidery work is a raging fashion trend.


Embroidery Fashion has made a huge come back. It seems everything (from sneakers to bags, shirts to jeans, Chokers and Jackets) in this season is embroidered. Fashion houses can’t get enough of this trend, I guess.

Embroidery transparent kimonos are one of the biggest fashion trends in 2018. Everyone has seen transparent fabric fashion trend in the runways from Milan, Paris, New York, New Delhi, this year.

I wore this Multicolored Embroidery Kimono with a White Saree which accentuated this black transparent Kimono beautifully. I love how sheer fabrics adds elegance and classic feeling to it.

You can Shop my look here: Embroidery Transparent Kimono


Embroidery transparent Kimono

Embroidery transparent Kimono



Embroidery transparent Kimono

Embroidery transparent Kimono


Embroidery transparent Kimono

Embroidery transparent Kimono

Shein has to be your ultimate shopping destination, If you want to keep up with the fashion trends.

Shein is definitely my ultimate shopping destination.

Why Shein?

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