Time is Precious ft. Daniel wellington

”Always make time for things that make you feel happy to be alive”


This Classic Petite Melrose watch and the cuff are the best fashion pieces which I own till now. If minimalism is your thing then Daniel Wellington watches and their accessories(cuffs) will blow your mind. I am in love with my Classic Petite Melrose watch which is an elegant rose gold mesh strap watch. I paired my watch with their Classic Cuff.

Daniel Wellington watches alone are enough to make a fashion statement. Their neatest classic timepieces truly reflects the design approach of Daniel Wellington and the sophisticated designs are breathtaking.

Wanna stand out in the crowd?
Well, Daniel wellington offers you the best classic timepieces and they make sure to enhance your appearance whether you are going for a rooftop party or attending an official event.

Daniel Wellington’s mesh watch bands come in three different styles.
1. Classic Petite Melrose
2. Classic Petite Sterling
3. Classic Petite Ashfield

Mesh watch bands from Daniel Wellington are an outstanding combination.

You can check out their website here for more such beautiful and extraordinary timepieces.

Daniel Wellington( Classic Petite Melrose )

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