Stripes On Stripes Ft. Shein


Hey Tinker Souls! How many of you prefer wearing clothes mixing similar prints and patterns? Well, I find them quite interesting and fun.
Stripes are a classic pattern which never goes out of style. Mixing stripes can be tricky but not impossible. I am going to give you some easy tips to help you hop in on the trend.

Tip 1. Pick a garment you are comfortable playing around. I chose a Pinstripe Skirt.

Tip 2. If you are thinking about mixing stripes you might wanna pick a bright colour. I combined my Blue Pinstripe Skirt with the Yellow striped shirt.

Tip 3. Size and pattern matters when you are mixing stripes. If you are thin, you might not wanna wear big and broad stripes.

Tip 4. Keep it minimal. Stripes on stripes are enough to catch someone’s eye. I kept the style pretty minimal with my Clear Aviator Sunglasses and a classy watch. I accessorized my look with Black chunky heels.


Pinstripe Skirt

Pinstripe Skirt

Stripes on stripes

stripes on stripes

Aviator sunglasses

Kolkata Maidan

Kolkata maidan

Visit their website: Shein

I hope this post was helpful. See you in my next post till then take care of yourselves.
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