Online Handbags in India

Handbags for women come in a variety of styles to suit their every look and occasion. Women can choose one from different types such as hand-held bags, hobos, Totes, Satchels, Clutches etc.

We all should spend our money cautiously and invest in some pieces which will last longer eventually. A good handbag is more like a gold jewellery. You invest in some great pieces and it will never leave your side for a decade.

Women tend to play long term when it comes to their handbags but will you compromise with the trends?

I have come across one such online website which offers longevity with present trends.

Online Handbags in India

Pursu is a start-up brand, established in 2018 by two sisters, Sulagna Kapoor and Debsena Chakraborty, which offers great collection of Ladies clutches and handbags. It aims to target women in the age group of 25-55 years who love handbags and are open to trying new things if the quality and design expectations are met.

It is available in the name of Gopursu and available offline in shahpurjat. 

These products are exclusively designed and highly acclaimed for their superior quality, fascinating colors, trendy and latest designs.

It is a fashion label representing the modern and digitally empowered women of India. It has offered women a range of high quality fashionable handbags at affordable price. The main idea behind this venture is to address the need for a premium, reliable and affordable brand of ladies bags in the market. After exploring the segment a long time, the two sisters realized the need for good quality and affordable designer products. The accessories under Pursu are unique in design, impeccable in workmanship & quality, light on the pocket and extremely fashionable. They qualify the checklist for the trend-setter’s wardrobe.

They offer varieties of designer handbags starting from Leather Clutches, Brocade Tote to Silk Satchels.



Freida – Brocade Barrel

Brocade is a class of richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics. Dating back to the Middle Ages, brocade fabric was one of the few luxury fabrics worn by nobility throughout India, China, Persia, Greece, Japan, Korea and Byzantium.

Brocade Barrel is one of my favourite from their website.

Freida - Brocade Barrel

 Inez – Brocade Tote

Brocade can never go out of fashion and this Brocade Tote is just an example. The intricate design of this bag left me in an awe.


 Clementine – Pure Leather Clutch

Clementine Leather Clutch is a must have in your wardrobe. I am loving the floral details on the upper middle part. If you are investing in Leather, it can never go wrong.

                        Zora – Silk Satchel

This Blue Silk Satchel with the floral canvas details has my heart. I personally love and own satchel bags. I am a backpack girl or a satchel bag person.




Don’t forget to check out their collection. Make good choices with GoPursu and buy things which will last longer without compromising with present trends.

See you soon in my next blog lovelies.




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