Mom’s age old recipe in a bottle ft. Nihar Naturals

Mom’s age old recipe in a bottle

Regular hair care can help you getting long, healthy and shiny strands. Whether it’s winter, fall, spring or summer, a consistent daily hair care routine is always a must. Though, hair care can often be challenging for our busy schedules.

I remember how my mom used to soak methi and so many other seeds overnight in the coconut oil whenever I used to battle with massive hairfall and went on legit depression :p Due to our busy schedules we don’t get enough time to follow this routine quite religiously.

I was super happy when I attended the launch of Nihar Extra Care Hair oil few days back and got to interact with the Bosslady Vidya Balan, who is also the brand Ambassador of Nihar Naturals.

Nihar Extra-care has come up with Mom’s age-old recipe of soaked seeds infused in coconut oil for stronger hair and lesser hair fall.

The packaging is extremely innovative where five super seeds Methi, Sarson,Kalonji,Til and Lauki seeds are stored at the top of the bottle and soaked in coconut oil all the time. You just need to tilt the bottle, pour and soak the seeds everytime you use the oil. Isn’t it interesting?

 Benefits of these seeds:

·         Methi: Strengthens hair and reduces hair fall

·         Sarson: Helps hair growth and conditions hair

·         Kalonji: Nourishes hair follicle and reduces hair fall

·         Lauki: Reduces hair fall

·         Til: Promotes hair growth

This extremely light oil with an enchanting fragrance has been designed for regular usage and the hassle-free technique of seed soaking makes it possible to enjoy the benefit of this age-old method every day. I have been using this for quite some time now. I can definitely definitely vouch for this oil.


While packing the potential of 5 seeds, this oil brings out a rich age-old formula for preventing hair-fall and this product has been technically proven to reduce hair fall by up to 8 times.

If you take extramehnat of soaking seeds overnight in the oil then this Nihar Naturals Extra Care Hair Oil will come as a relief.

Price-Rs. 119/- for 200ml




Few pictures from the event



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