Little Pleasures Ft. Song Of India

The morning dew drops sparkle bright in the rays of the sun,
colorful butterflies dance from flower to flower as the soft spring breeze blows gently over fresh blossoms,
filling the atmosphere with their sweet fragrance….you stand there soaking it all in, reveling in the little pleasures of life!

Hello, beautiful people! I hope you all are enjoying little pleasures in your life like enjoying the sound of the rain, smell of the fresh pages of notebooks, bheja matir gondho(only a Bengali can understand), chirping of the birds

If you are not then you are in the right place 😉

In this post, I will be talking to you about Song of India.
Well, Song of India is a wellness care brand.They are the contributor of the fragrant and wellness products in the society.They craft their products as per age-old Indian traditions and methods. Song of India’s products are handmade with great love and care and are a celebration of natural and holistic living.

I have received their new and premium range of fragrant products. I am absolutely in awe of them.

Range: Little Pleasures
This range is sure to captivate your heart and make you smile. Inspired by nature, THIS RANGE HAS INCREDIBLE SELECTION OF CHARMING FRAGRANCES.

I can give them 500 out of 100 for the packaging. Trust me, I have this huge and big smile on my face when I unboxed it. Truly, Little things can give you immense pleasure 🙂 Thank you Song of India.

When I opened the box, I could smell the incredible, charming fragrances and from that time their products totally have my heart



1. Ivory Musk Soap and Luffa set Price: Rs. 325/-

Rich in Vitamin E and infused with the goodness of essential oils, amla, and aloe vera extracts, our handmade glycerin soap provides just the gentle cleansing and moisturizing that your skin needs.

2. Sea Breeze Perfume Bag Price: Rs. 175/-

3. Lily of the valley Aroma oil

Floating on the soft breeze of the English countryside, the delicate scent of dainty little blossoms of Lily is simply wonderful.

4.Aroma oil Burner and Tea-Light

Nothing is complete without its accessories, which is why they offer a wide range of accessories for their products. They have quite a few different designs of aroma oil burners for you to choose from.

This Aroma oil burner is clearly stealing the show

5.A personalized khadi Letter in a khadi envelope

I loved this personalized letter

So just go and try out their different ranges of products. You will fall in love with their products

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See you pretty souls in my next blog post.Till then tata and take care.


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