Let the rain sing you a lullaby

Let the rain kiss you

Let the rain beat upon your head

with silver liquid drops

Let the rain sing you

A lullaby

    – Langston Hughes


That soul soothing earthy smell after the first fall of the rain, the tiny bubbles dribbling on to leaves, sweet-gentle sound of the rain, the cool wind in the hair, thunder rattling the windowpane to dancing barefoot-Everything about Monsoon is an emotion.

Monsoon comes with joy, brings happiness and makes us a bit more romantic than the last time with the incessant shower of joy and delight.

There is something inexplicable and exhilarating joy about monsoon. It is difficult to explain the kind of joy rain brings.It fills the air with romance. The path to your heart opens wider. You feel everything too deeply. Your emotions gets heightened with the ability to appreciate poetry and beautiful things.

Out of all the seasons, Monsoon does manage to make the forever lonely souls to hopeless romantic.

Nothing can ever beat the mood of listening Kishore Kumar’s “Ek ladki bhigi bhagee si, soti raaton mein jaagi si” with a hot cup of chai while bheja matir gondho is enough to make your heart go mad. A total bliss, I tell you 🙂

Who can resist the aroma of hot pakoras or delicious samosas? Have you ever tried roadside roasted corn in a rainy day?  Well, Monsoon is all about food.



The warm ray of sunshine after the rain could be a great plot line for my romantic imaginative story;)

A young girl meets a young man while lowering their umbrellas!  They smile, their eyes meet and a little ray of sunshine falls on their faces.

But, It’s not happening :p Oh, Boy! I will always be the hopeless romantic.





What I am wearing

I am wearing this Calico printed dress from Shein. They have sent me this beautiful dress and I couldn’t be happier! This dress was a indeed a perfect match for this monsoon shoot. I wore this dress with my black block heels and I accessorized my look with the cute pink backpack.

You can also shop my look from here: Calico Printed Bell sleeves dress

P.S I did not plan this shoot to be quite monsoon-y but it happened. I am glad, it did.


I hope you loved this post.See you soon in my next post.


Picture Courtesy: Sayak Hazra

Edited by me 🙂

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