Hello, beautiful people! We hope you guys are all doing well. 🙂

since we are Bengalis and Kolkatans, we have brought you people something really interesting that we relished working upon.
Kolkata is not only about those extravagant restaurants in park street areas and chic malls. Trust us, It’s always been much more than that <3
The real by charm of the Kolkata can be found on the streets of north Kolkata and by those ancestral houses and the architecture of the residences. you cannot imagine the pleasure the gullies of north Kolkata gives you, a different atmosphere we must add up.
A city with a soul and with its poetic atmosphere <3

We shot this at the BAGHBAZAR GHAT. The rich culture and history of Kolkata can be explored with various ghats of Kolkata even. you can sit on the stairs of the ghats and you cannot imagine the immense pleasure it gives you and how soothing it can be.

coming to how we styled our outfits, we love the way Indian attire compliments the western attire.
we chose to go with the by Advertise ethnic jewellery with a twist 🙂
The main agenda of this story is that if you are comfortable with something wear it, don’t let people decide what you should wear. NEVER 🙂

BLACK LIPSTICK can be really bold and it’s a statement on its own. But black can never go wrong with the golden theme that we chose to play.

Red flowy skirt with a black blazer that’s how Trisha chose to wear her outfit and Nilanjana paired a simple black T-shirt withEditwith a golden embroidered jute by Advertie  skirt

As earlier, we said we love twining and we chose to wear the almost exact same ‘NATH’       (Nose by Ring).


We wanted to create a really bold an edgy look. so we decided to pair black graphic by eyeliner with golden eyeshadow and a black lipstick (star of the show)! that’s it. none of us own a black lipstick… so we turned Trisha’s Maybelline hyper glossy eyeliner into a little shiny black liquid lipstick!! a great by makeup hack right? so.. you can also try this look with any of your waterproof liquid liner or kajal! 🙂


Trisha: she turned her normal black crop top into a high by fashion top wear by adding a plain black blazer. And to give it the indo-western twist she wore the golden Kundan nath.

Nilanjana: to bring out the ethnic Indian flavor Nilanjana accessorized her outfit with a golden choker from her mom’s collection and she wore a golden Kundan belly chain as a long neck piece and the almost same nath.


ooooooooooooooooooooo   indo-western-affair-2 nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnbbbbll

you can wear any other lip color if you are not comfortable with black by Advertise” href=”#36870149″> lipstick 🙂


we do know very well that most of the girls from our place are not that comfortable to break the “invisible rules” on by dressing up. so on our shoot day, we preferred to book a cab over any other public transport. 😐 pretty obvious right? but.. sometimes things do not happen according to our preferences.. so we didn’t get any cab! humph! so we had to travel back home through metro with that black lipstick on! we were not embarrassed but a little conscious because people were continuously looking at us in some weird way.
BUT if you like it, wear it. No one can stop you :p

Anyway, we hope you guys liked this post. Do let me know how you guys liked this story 🙂
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