How to Color Block your outfit

ColorBlocking, Colour Block

How many have you actually tried the trend of color blocking? It is an art of mixing different colors from the color palette in your outfit. Color blocking the outfit can be little tricky cause you don’t want to end up in a clown territory. There are innumerable Do’s and Don’ts all over the Internet regarding color blocking party.

I quite don’t believe in rules. This post is all about my style and my way of donning the color-blocking trend.

1. Mix prints with solid colors: You can wear your prints while donning this trend. Though, mixing the prints can be little tricky. You need to understand what will look good on you. Do not go crazy with prints and have at least one or two solid color in your outfit.

I chose to go with my one solid color culotte with my pinstriped blue jacket and floral printed top.

2. Do not overdo it: Choose two or three colors while color blocking your outfit. I chose three different colors(Yellow, Maroon and Light blue) while styling my outfit.

3. Wear your neutrals: If you need to have more colors, go for some neutrals. You certainly do not wanna end up like a painter’s palette. Two bright colors called for some neutrals so I chose to pair up the maroon and yellow with my light pinstriped Blue jacket. I love how it has turned out and complementing each other.

 4. Mind the whole look: You can color block your outfit with the help of shoes and bags as well. your accessories are an absolute must when it comes to color block your outfit. With the right accessories you can bring your entire look together.

Once you are done choosing the color palette, you may choose an existing shade from the palette or you can choose a different shade which will compliment with what you’ve already chosen.

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ColorBlocking, Colour Block, Pinstripe Jacket




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