Maintain Intimate Hyegine and say bye bye to cramps with Peebuddyindia and Sirona❤

Hello ladies ❤ Today I am going to talk about two revolutionary products for women. Thanks to peebudyindia and sirona.


Maintaining hygiene of women is necessary but whenever we travel or we go to work , we need to use public toilets. As we all know public toilets are not at all clean so women end up resorting to unhealthy ways (cleaning the seat with a paper, holding up or squatting)

Unknowingly women end up having UTI. UTI is urinary tract infection but we can prevent UTI by using pee-buddy which gives us the freedom to stand and pee.

The product is,

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Waterprooof
  • One time use and throw product
  • Boon for pregnant women and arthritis patient

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Now let me talk about SIRONA PAIN RELIEF PATCHES.

What do you do when you are on your periods and you have those intolerable period pain ?Ain’t we all try out weird tactics to get away from pain

We take,

  • Pills (pain killers)
  • Drink hot water/warm milk
  • We put the Hot bag on our belly

Now we know pain killers do have various side affects but we have them anyway just to tolerate the pain. Well, you cannot take leave because you are going through intolerable period pain xD

Here comes the saviour. The sirona pain relief patch. You just have to put it on your lower abdomen and you can go to work or college or school.They last all day long and all night. They do not have any kind of side affects.

It relaxes the muscle and provides discreet, continuous and non messy relief from pain and muscle cramps.

Being a woman is tough and pretty painful but we deserve the best so try out this revolutionary first ever pain reliever product in India , which has no side affects. Wear them to social outings,office or school under your clothes and have a relaxed,pain free day.

It is Available on

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