HIMALAYA WELLNESS- Pure Hands Sanitizer (Review)

Himalaya Wellness is a brand which has been known for bringing modern science and Ayurveda together since 1930.

Himalaya uses the tools of modern science to create pharmaceutical-grade ayurvedic products.

They have been know for their quality since a very long time.

Himalaya has sent me, to review their few products.

Himalaya Pure Hands Sanitizer

We all need to take care of our health and hygiene and that starts with our own hands. Shouldn’t we always wash our hands before eating ?
In our busy life and schedule, we always travel and mostly, we eat outside and we forget to wash our hands. Don’t we?

Don’t worry. Himalaya has got you covered here as well.
They have wide range of Hand Sanitizers, which will cost you 80-90 Rs. for 100 ml. product, depending on the variants.

Why do I love Himalaya’s Pure Hands Sanitizer?

1. They are pretty much affordable (80-90 Rs. for 100ml, depending on the variants)
2. Different fragrance choice( Litchi, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Green Apple)
3. Travel friendly size
4. Online and offline availability

It is completely safe to use. You can get yours with your own choice of fragrance.

Litchi (Pure Hands Sanitizer)

Orange (Pure Hands Sanitizer)

Lemon fragrance (Pure Hands Sanitizer)

Green Apple (Pure Hands Sanitizer)

Strawberry ( Pure Hands Sanitizer)

You can buy these from their own website.
These are also available on Amazon and Flipkart.
You can check your nearest drug store as well.

Take care of your personal hygiene with Himalaya Wellness.

 Click here and checkout their website : Himalaya wellness Brand


I hope this post was helpful and a informative one.
See you in my next post till then take care of yourselves.
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