Enchanteur-Frangrance of French Romance(Review)

Hey, Tinker souls! Are you a perfume lover just like me? Well, I have quite a fascination for pretty perfume bottles and Enchanteur totally has my heart.

Enchanteur, the fragrance of French Romance, has a heritage of 30 years. With their hypnotizing fragrance products over 30 years, they are allowing women, to express their feminine side with a spark of romance and a bit of elegance.

They have a various range for personal care. They have their signature perfumes, body mists, body lotions, roll-on deodorants, perfumed talc and shower gels. All products has been made, using french techniques.


Belle Amour & Mon Amie by Enchanteur Paris

Belle Amour has a sweet and fruity fragrance of Roses, Jasmines and muguets with aroma of apple, blackcurrants, melon. Your heart will smile and you will feel alive with the scent of Belle Amour.


Mon Amie has filled with scent of Citrus, Roses, Lily of valley and Peonies. The vibrant and captivating scent will steal your heart in a second. I can give you my assurance. Go for it, If you are cheerful person, and fall in love with Mon Amie. This is personal favourite among all the other perfumes by enchanteur.

Price 750Rs. for 50ml
Price: 750Rs. for 50ml




        Charm every person with ‘Charming’ perfume by Enchanteur. It has scent of fresh flowers and lime.                       Price: 650Rs.


                                                                                                              Enchanteur Body Mists

Enchanteur Body Mists has feminine notes and floral Fragrance of the body mists lasts quite a long time.         (Price: 199Rs. for 150ml)



                                                                                            Enchanteur Body Lotions

Charming Body lotion has scent of roses and muguets and Aloe Vera and Olive Butter in it gives you the nourishment your skin deserve.                                                                                                                                                             Price: 199Rs. for 250ml)


Enchanteur Romantic Body Lotion has scent of Bulgarian Roses and White Jasmine. You will feel fresh and this enchanteur romantic body lotion can uplift your mood in a second.                                                                                         Price 199Rs. for 250ml


Enchanteur Roll-on Deodorant

Enchanteur roll-on deodorants caresses your body with it’s long lasting sensual floral fragrance. It glides on smoothly with a quick-drying, non-sticky formula that helps prevent body odour to give you confidence and freshness all day long.

                                                 Enchanteur Charming Roll on Deodorant  (Price 179/- for 50ml)


                                                 Enchanteur Romantic Roll on Deodorant (Price 179/- for 50ml)



Enchanteur Charming Talc

Enchanteur Charming talc
The floral fragrance of the talc feels really fresh and this charming fine talc by enchanteur will leave your skin feeling satin smooth.



Enchanteur Perfumed Shower Gel

Transform your everyday bath into a luxurious French Spa experience with Enchanteur perfumed showers gels. I have absolutely loved my experience with them and you will feel fresh all day long post shower.

                                                  Perfumed Shower Gels (Charming and romantic) (Price 159/- for 180g)


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  1. Fragrances for every occasion, the whole collection is a must-have i think. I think I would go for the shower gel first…

  2. I really like the packaging of this perfume. It’s very similar to the Miss Dior one. I will make sure to give this a sniff soon.

    IG: @ms_tantrum

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