Durga Maa~Who is she in a modern world?

In Hinduism, the goddess, Durga Maa is the protective mother of the universe. She is a protector of all that is good and harmonious in the universe, sitting astraddle a lion, the ‘dashabhuja’ Durga maa battles the evil forces in the universe and eliminates sufferings by becoming ‘Durgatinashini’.

She has many names, many personas and many facets; a multidimensional goddess- who represents power and strength.

As Parvati, She is serene, pretty consort of Lord Shiva who stands for serenity and represents purity. As Bhawani, She is symbol of life. As Basanti, she is heralder of springtime. As ‘Mahishasurmardini’ Maa Durga battles the deceptive and powerful demon ‘Mahishasur’ and triumphantly destroys the evil. As kali, she turns black as the night whose rage and fury can destroy all evil. She is also Annapurna, Jagadhathri, Ambika, Tara and Sati.

The goddess Durga is also referred as Triyambake(three-eyed goddess), Like here consort Lord Shiva. Her left eye represents desire, Symbolized by the moon; her right eye represents action; Symbolized by the sun; her middle eye stands for knowledge;Symbolized by the fire.


Durga, the Goddess of power and strength~ Who is she in a modern world?

She is a woman, a mother, a friend, a sister~ an embodiment of purity, knowledge, Power, truth and self- realization; wrapped up in a six yards of White serenity, bedecked in gold jewels with fire in her forehead.





She is thought to be fragile yet she has the power and strength of the most supreme being. She represents the stronger and fiercer side of the Womanhood. She stands for purity and knowledge.

She is a woman who is modern yet traditional. She is delicate yet fierce. She is calm yet her chaos can bring rage and fury that destroys all evil. She be that relentless side of a woman, for which we worship ‘Dashabhuja Mahishasurmardini’.

She is an untamed chaos with gentle-merciful heart. To someone, she is a mystery whose wildness can’t be tamed. To someone, she is ‘priyo bandhobi’. She is a woman whom you will find reading ‘Memsaheb’ in her terrace with her glasses on, a story about a girl with dark complexion named kajal, intended as a pun.

As she takes pity on the mankind, Nothing frightens her at all!






Durga maa is the energy aspect of the Lord Shiva, doer of all actions. Without Durga, Lord Shiva has no expression and Without Shiva, Maa Durga has no existence; yet women do not get encouraged rather get suppressed by Patriarchal society. They worship female deities, yet they can’t bear the thought of being equal; not to dominate and not to have privileges over women.

She is that wild, powerful, fiery and ragingly storming epitome of grace who protects the mankind from jealousy,selfishness, ego, anger, prejudice and hatred.







For Bengalis, Durga puja is not just another festival. It is an emotion, which can’t be described in mere human words.The inexplicable joy ‘MAA’ Brings every year, marks the time of happy tides. Durga puja is just knocking on the door and very little time has left(To be precise,1.5 months only) So, I have tried to portray the goddess of power and strength. I hope, with my little knowledge, I could justify such an embodiment and epitome of serenity, grace, power and knowledge!








Pictures are taken by Arindam Deb





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  1. You are looking damn pretty . I’m feeling proud to have you as my sister. You look different… 😚😚😊😊Best post.. πŸ‘ ❀️

  2. I am loving this Avatar and you are looking absolutely stunning. Good to read more about Durga Maa. I agree Durga Puja is not just a festival but an emotion for Bengalis.

  3. Loved your description of maa durga and her modern “roop”… This post is giving me “pujo” vibes! Loved the photoshoot… You look gorgeous 😍

  4. The way you have woven your thoughts into words! I am stunned. I agree with you on everything but I am more in love with your words. There is a certain lilt to it.

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