Dear Self ❤️

Do you love yourself? Do you pamper yourself often? <3
Do you tell your parents every day that you love them? <3
Do you tell your sister, that you love her even though she is hella annoying? <3

Tell them often that you love them. <3

At first, just accept yourself as who you are. you certainly do not need anyone’s approval to feel are a goddamn treasure just believe it.

Why are you trying so hard to fit in someone’s life? why are you changing? why are you giving up on your dreams? why?

Embrace yourself. Do not try to just fit in. You need more than that and you deserve more than that <3

So people got crazy and frenzy over this valentine’s day.
Exactly what is love? can you define it? I guess no.
love is not about following a silly ritual every year.

yesterday all social media sites flooded with love statuses. couples who were busy running around to get the perfect gifts for their partners should remember that they should love their partner throughout the year just not on valentine’s day.

Love your partners, spoil them, pamper them but just not on valentine’s day. say something cute and sweet every day just to make your partners smile but why just on valentine’s day?

I would love to surprise my partner by just cooking his favorite dish or I would love to make coffee for him in the morning. I would love to surprise him with a candlelight dinner with all of his favorite dishes not just, particularly on valentine’s day.

In order to show love to their partner, people often forget to love and pamper themselves.

Genuinely love yourself because it’s you who sets the standard how you will allow people to treat you.

Be happy. stay true to yourself and just don’t try to fit in. <3
Trisha Biswas <3



let’s come to what I am wearing. I chose both dark and light shades of blushed colors.

I am wearing a burgundy self-striped sheath midi dress which I got from Myntra on their EORS sale and I particularly bought this dress because of this color cause I’m a huge fan of burgundy. I accessorized my outfit with tanned heels and a white choker. 

you can wear thi looks if you are going out with your girlfriends and just perfect for any kind of brunch look. Or even perfect if you are going on a date. you can rock these looks from
 morning to evening.




Hope you guys liked my thoughts. see you soon people.


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