Coming Back To Life-Review(Breakfast Menu)

Breakfast is really important and the very first meal of the day. If you want to eat healthy and looking for a place then you should know about Coming back to life.

Coming Back To Life
An inner life journey ♥️
‘Not only on the surface but what lies beneath’♥️

COMING BACK TO LIFE has launched their new breakfast menu. As a blogger, I was invited there to taste their food. Let’s have a look and talk about the food, I had at coming back to life.

PITA LOVE (Farm fresh egg + cheese +B.B.Q chicken on pita bread) INR 225.

I quite liked the pita love and enjoyed the B.B.Q chicken on pita bread.

VEGGIE PITA LOVE (Sauteed onions + mushroom green pepper + 2 kinds of cheese on pita bread) INR 195.
I did not like this veggie pita love and the dip they served. They could have done a much better job with this [articular dish.

MUSHROOMS ON TOAST(Brown toasted bread with stir fried Mushrooms topped with grated cheese) INR 195.
I loved the stir fried mushrooms on toast with grated cheese. I asked my mom to make this even.


Choice of three farm-fresh eggs(sunny side up/scrambled/double fried
Choice of country potato(potato wedges/harsh browns with ham/bacon or sausage)
Brown bread. INR 225.
Sunny side up eggs are perfect for mornings, when you need your sunshine on your plate and it feels like little smiley faces. I quite enjoyed the dish only because of the eggs but It could have been little better.


4 fresh cinnamon pancake
Choice of honey/whipped cream
Espresso/fine coffee. INR 225.
This is a very good option for the breakfast and If you are planning to visit this cafe, you need to try out
this pancake.

ROCK N MASH (3pcs of grilled sausages over a bed of buttery mash with mushroom sauce) INR 225.

FRUIT AND MUSELI TRIFFLE(Seasonal fruit served with Muesli and yogurt topped with honey) INR 195.
If you love to have something light yet something healthy, which will make you full at the same time then this is a g
reat option.

                                                                                                     CAFE DECOR AND AMBIENCE


You need to enter into this cafe and the sitting arrangements are beautiful but you just might want to take the stairs ,which will take you to the basement,(underground floor) where you need to walk bare feet and those artificial grass felt like something magical ♥️This place has a very positive vibe to it. With dream catcher hanging, the walls have got beautiful messages written on it. I was absolutely mesmerized by the basement decor of this cafe.

I hope this post was helpful. See you in my next post till then take care of yourselves.
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