An evening with coffee and LACE

Hey lovelies! How are you doing all? I hope you are doing great.

Lace has always been my absolute favorite fabric.This delicate fabric with it’s feminine qualities makes it fashion perennial. If you see, this light and delicate fabric can be innocent, can be seductive and it has it’s own touch of bountifulness. 

Lace has a history of it’s own and There were so many types of lace.


Lace has played a vital role in fashion. It was developed in the sixteenth century.In historical terms it was created using two tools: the needle and the bobbin. Both the techniques were very time-consuming and required great skill. So back then, lace was extremely expensive. But when machine lace finally came into production in the nineteenth century, lace lost its allure and it developed into just another fashion fabric.

I found the history of lace quite fascinating.

Well, This maroon lace top is my absolute favourite because my most favourite colour with the right fabric makes this top fascinating for me.

I believe lace is the most romantic fashion fabric. It will remain the most romantic and fascinating fabric.

You can wear lace if you are going on a date or a on a Sunday brunch party. You can wear lace top with a blazer for office wear. This timeless fashion piece is so elegant that you can work this fabric at any time.

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Outfit Details: Lace top from Forever 21(Myntra)
Location Courtesy: The Fan’s Club, Kolkata



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